About Us

"Let life take you with the breeze."- Breakin Free, One I Red

One I Red is a breath of fresh air and anomalous from the slew of indie rock bands overshadowing today's music scene in San Diego. Stylistically, One I Red is difficult to pin down to any genre or scene. They've been described as sonic-prog-power-pop; while that sounds literally and figuratively like an earful, their likeability is immediate and exude skills that are evidenced by their seasoned musicianship.

The true core and rhythm section consists of drummer Ian Parker and bassist/keys/vox Mike Costello who've together soldiered on since their beloved childhood bands socket Socketseven and recently, Dead City Outbreak. While sharing a rehearsal space, they recruited guitar soundscapist Fonso Payumo,  also current guitarist for the band Misc. Ailments. After auditioning several singers, it was apparent when the vocal stylings of Nikkie Stars obliterated the competition and the lineup was complete.

One I Red swiftly gained a following after forming on April Fools day (no joke) 2009, after recording their 1st EP "The Sound" only 3 months after forming. Fast forward to 2011 after countless shows on SD's bar circuit and honing their expansive set list, they dug in their heels in for 2 months in the recording studio and emerged with their 10 song full-length album masterpiece "Exposed".

One I Red continues the assault on your senses with tremendous fan support, local radio airplay, writing and performing new material and have a second music video in the works.

-Tim Fears
Music Photographer &
Local Music Supporter

Band Members

Mike Costello | Bassist / Keyboardist

The Octopus 

Mike Costello plays bass and keyboards simultaneously; he also incorporates back up vocals on some tracks. He has been inspired by the likes of Dave Mathews Band and 311. Mike is very detail oriented in everything he plays and brings most the ideas to the table initially, along with his mind sticking melodies.

Ian Parker | Drummer

Arms and Balls

Ian Parker with influences such as Far and Deftones is a strong, hard hitting, drummer. He complements this tough style with his love for Electronica and Break Beats and combines both for a unique sound.

Nikkie Stars | Vocalist / Lyricist


Nikkie Stars, the vocalist and lyricist, is influenced by the origins of Mariachi vocals along with singers such as Shakira, Brandon Boyd, Karen O., Sia, Selena, Whitney Houston, and Alicia Keys. She also concentrates on writing lyrics that talk about raw feelings and stories that allow many to relate.

Fonso Payumo | Guitarist

The Mad Scientist

Fonso Payumo, Guitarist, having influences such as Edge of U2 and The Beatles, brings a lot of experimental sounds to the band. By utilizing an amazing array of effects and catchy tunes and adds an element all his own.


Get "Exposed"!

Now available on itunes!

Offcially released in December of 2011, Exposed is now available online! Try iTunes, cdbaby.com, Google, or Amazon!

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