Whoa hello there!

Woops! Where have we been? Time to get bloggy here...we have been writing and writing and eating burritos and writing!
We are working on all the songs we havent even performed yet for a new EP perhaps album, not sure yet, but its comin' and we hope to get it done this year!
In the meantime we have been doing shows here and there, so keep an eye out still! If its red even better yeah! We will make sure to post them up on our facebook, Bandsintown as well as here at the One I Red web site.
We have a mini merch surprise coming soon too! Its for a limited time BUT if yall like it a lot maybe it will stay around longer...hmmmmmm. Cant wait to show you guys!
Anway, we want you to know that we appreciate your support and sharing One I Red with your friends as well as letting us know what you think! We love you like Squirrels love nuts!
<3 Nikkie

Get "Exposed"!

Now available on itunes!

Offcially released in December of 2011, Exposed is now available online! Try iTunes, cdbaby.com, Google, or Amazon!

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